You’ve created, composed and conceptualised. Each piece, a collaboration, God x You. You can’t explain it. But you know what it feels like when the light bulb goes off. That divine moment when “x” happens.

God creates in and through you. But how does God actually fit into the daily grind at work? How do you represent God in a professional and social environment that’s so intolerant of Him? Why does it feel like the church is lagging behind in creativity when our Father is THE CREATOR?

The X Conference is born out of the hearts of creatives who understand the struggles of reconciling our craft with our Creator. And we invite you to come and (re)discover your God-given passion and purpose amongst fellow creatives who share similar stories.

Storytellers, designers, media planners, filmmakers and artists. You are not alone. Find your tribe and be part of something bigger. Mark your spot in the Kingdom’s Creative Team. Together, we can shape Singapore’s creative landscape – on Earth as it is in Heaven.


2000 years ago, the Gospel spread rapidly throughout the known world via the sophisticated Roman Roads that connected the vast empire. All roads did lead to Rome and all roads did lead from Rome.

The Internet is the modern day equivalent of Rome. It is the most powerful nation in the world today. Its global reach allows any one story to have the potential to shape cultural narratives, yet still inspire us as individuals.

For God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven, we have to take Rome. And when 2 or 3 or 300 creatives are gathered in His Name, it creates an explosive multiplier effect on the world for the glory of God.

We’re calling it the “x” effect: when people of the Cross collaborate with their Creator.

To do this well, we must learn to tell better stories. Conference sessions are designed to hone each creative’s natural ability to tell stories through their craft. We are inviting only the best storytellers to show us how it’s done.



As a Christian Creative, you may have found it challenging to find a compelling cause to invest in. You desire to belong to a community of like-minded creatives who are as gifted as they are passionate to build the Kingdom, but this is not always easy to find in church.

The X Conference is the place where this changes.

Be part of a follow-up network of committed mentoring partnerships and monthly events to harness the strength of our collective creativity. Together, we can reach millions with the most moving stories, inspiring designs and excellent work.

We are committed to building a Covenantal Community where every Christian Creative has a sense of God-given purpose. Everyone will have the overflowing satisfaction of knowing we are part something bigger than ourselves.

One day we will see all that we have made, and it will be very good.


Take your place in this creative family. Mark your spot.

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