Creators, Mark Your Spot.

X is where Christian creatives gather to encounter the presence of God and be commissioned to create with the creator. It is a time for creatives to be activated to create.

X 2017 was the inaugural gathering of our Tribe. It felt like family coming together. It also birthed our first prototype Kingdom Creative Agency and many other creative acts that are shaping the narrative of our nation.

We’ve learnt a lot since then. I am also constantly reminded about the importance of community and how many creatives are out there who have yet to find their tribe and purpose. I am convinced that it is our time to gather again.

Let’s regroup before the year ends. I look forward to a time of turning our hearts back to Jesus and activating our kingdom purpose, together.

Ps Norman
Creative Pastor

Are you creative?

The time to create for the kingdom is now.



Time Session
7:00PM Registration
8:00PM Night Rally
10:00PM Praise Party


Time Session
9:00AM Breakfast x Registration
10:00AM Worship
10:30AM Dreamer x Creator Round 1
11:30AM Dreamers’ Rally
12:30PM Lunch
2:00PM Worship
2:30PM Dreamer x Creator Round 2
3:30PM Panel
4:15PM Intermission
4:30PM Dreamer x Creator Round 3
5:30PM Creative Communities
6:15PM Dinner
7:30PM Doors Open
8:00PM Night Rally
10:00PM Praise Party

All night sessions are free and open to the public.
Programme may be changed and will be updated accordingly.