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Children are a vital part of God’s plans. In fact, the Word of God clearly tells us that they are like arrows in the hands of a warrior – they are not to be underestimated nor neglected. Jesus, Himself, placed it on record that to them belong the Kingdom of God. Imagine a young generation that is bold to share God’s love, powerful in prayer, full of faith and passionate for Jesus.

The purpose of Kingdom Invasion Kids Conference is to bring our children to a place of encounter with Jesus through anointed worship, activating the children to move in the power of God and in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and letting them know that they are treasured and valued by a loving Heavenly Father. And all this, in an atmosphere that is fun and exciting.

Creative Collaboration

Ten creatives from Cornerstone Community Church, City Harvest Church, Kingdom Culture Church and 3:16 Church collaborated to tell the story of how children encountered God in this conference.

“The reality is that that girl had an encounter with God. She had a legitimate encounter with the Father. She was barely able to speak, getting through her weeps. She was shaking and weeping from what she saw. And we can move pass that so quickly that we forget how weighty a moment like this is where God reveals Himself to a little girl.

And she’ll never be the same again. And while we we all pray for moments like this to happen, sometimes, we move on to the next thing so quickly. Each encounter and revelation is special. And for me in my own life, as I get to see this from time to time, I never want to move fast. I don’t ever want to lose the holiness of what it is for God to come and touch a child.”

Will Hart
Iris Global

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