Month: April 2021

Taff Terrace


“We chose our house because of its proximity to the water. From the bedroom window if I lean forward just enough, I can see the river Taff. It is the first thing I see when I let the day into our home in the morning and it is the last thing I say goodnight to.

Its constant flow has been a calming and reassuring presence in the past year, a reminder that things pass. I now know there is a whole world that lives on the river, some of it is loud and visible, some of it is hidden under the surface and emerges only for the careful observer. But whether I am the careful observer or the distracted passer-by, I always know the river is there.”

The Taff Trail

“[The Taff Trail] runs for 55 miles from Cardiff to Brecon and it follows the line of the old railways and tram roads that were used in the industrial heritage of South Wales, to transport coal and iron ore and so on, down to Cardiff from Merthyr and other areas.
Sustrans got involved with the first tranch of funding for National Cycle Network, and incorporated the route into the National Cycle Network, and that really boosted it hugely. Ever since then it has grown and grown, and is now probably the most popular part of the cycle network in Wales.”