Month: May 2021


When will the rain stop?
A rainbow reminder of the
Everlasting Covenant,
Sludge and devastation
Permeate through the

The power and surge of
A river bursting its
Overflowing into areas
Where its presence once
Precluded now intrudes
And becomes the
unwelcome visitor

Nature, the world around us,
Life soaring through its flow
Why do we feel as though
We can control such forces

Their presence already here
Before our short appearance
Such beauty and wonder
Yet dangerous potential

We need to fit in with the
World we inhabit, not expect
The natural environment
To accommodate us

Only when this happens
Will we live in harmony
Devoid of threat

A poem written following the floods in the Rhondda and Taff during storm Dennis 2020.

Kath Jones is a member of the RCT Creative Writers Group.



Sleek reptilian river,

Valley’s arterial life giver

Running it’s course,

Brecon source

Roaring, dashing,

Boulder bashing

Wearing, grinding,

Twisting, winding

Bubbling, boiling,

Flooding, spoiling

Small; vast,

Turbulent past

Un-compliant; pandering,

Aimlessly meandering

Slowly moving,

Pebble smoothing

Leads; follows,

Beak dipping swooping swallows

Natural, fantastic,

Polluted with plastic

Mossy bank pillow,

Weeping willow

Wild, freed,

Japanese knotweed

Pools brimming

Summer swimming

Flies and midges,

Stone bridges

Shrub and tree,

Green arching canopy

Rocks and weirs,

Boating piers

Gushing, rushing,

Tree root brushing

Triumphantly raising its voice

To say

I am the Taff,

Here to stay.

River of Words

Les Allen is a member of the RCT Creative Writers Group.